Kiera Cass- The Selection

the selection


Kiera Cass’s novel, The Selection, is like ABC’s The Bachelor, but in a YA common girl meets prince format. Basically a must read for anyone who enjoys reality shows and YA novels a.k.a. me! I think Cass’s idea is brilliant and I wish I had thought of it…

America Singer, named after “the country that fought so hard to keep this land together,” and her family are Fives on a One to Eight scale, with One equaling royalty and Eight being the dregs of society. Being a Five is not ideal, but America is blessed in a number of ways: she’s an extremely talented musician, she’s beautiful & charismatic, (even if she doesn’t think she’s anything special, others do), she loves her family and vice versa, and she’s in love with Aspen, who loves her right back. The problem is, Aspen is a Six, and marrying down would disgrace America’s family. In addition, Aspen is hesitant to propose, because he’s convinced that America is too good for him and he’s afraid that she’ll regret a life with him. In fact, when The Selection starts, Aspen breaks up with her.

America wants no part of The Selection, which is the opportunity to live in the palace with Prince Maxon, with the potential of being crowned princess. However, with Aspen pummeling her heart and her mother’s insistence, she signs up and is ultimately chosen. She promises to stay true to herself, no matter what happens at the palace. “I’d rather have Maxon send me home for beign myself then keep me for being like someone else.”

At the palace, America becomes Prince Maxon’s confidant. He promises to keep her until the final three and she promises to teach him about the world beyond the palace. The problem is America and Prince Maxon develop feelings for each other beyond friendship.

America explains, “In my experience, true love is usually the most inconvenient kind.” She also says, “Maxon, I hope you find someone you can’t live without. I really do. And I hope you never have to know what it’s like to try and live without them.”

America isn’t only torn between two men, but two very different live paths. Now that she’s sampled the best of the best, can she return to a so-so existence?





2 thoughts on “Kiera Cass- The Selection

  1. GAH! This is the one I want to read. I just won a $10 Amazon gift card and this is what I’m going to buy with it! I’ll let you know what I think. Thanks for telling me about them!

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