New Departures: Write By the Rails Anthology


New Departures is a collection of poetry, fiction, and memoir by members of Write By the Rails, a group of writers affiliated with Prince William County, ManassasPark, & Manassas, Virginia. I’m a member of this group as well but didn’t contribute to this anthology but I should have, because it’s excellent!

I thoroughly enjoyed every poem and story in this anthology. Here’s a smattering of my favorite excerpts (isn’t smattering a great word? It isn’t used nearly enough):

* Cindy Brookshire’s poem “Write By the Rails.”

Threaten editor effigies with voodoo pins

Pluck words as if from a cornucopia

* Robert Bausch’s Excerpt from his novel In the Fall They Come Back, “A Kind of Rescue in the Snow”

“A snow day is like a gift from heaven- as if the gods have said, “take the day off.”

* Katherine Mercurio Gotthardt’s poem “Cure”

Trill your years

Match pitch with decades

Tone with seasons

* Cindy Brookshire’s story “Trains and Sex” This image is great:

“its colossal sign, perched like a cheese cube on a 65-foot toothpick”

* Leigh Giza’s poem “You Don’t Look Like a Bird”

You don’t look like a star

Your light is dim and

Your points are dull

*Leigh Giza’s poem “She Sat on an Egg”

It was then she decided

She was not going to be

A mother and instead

Give birth to poetry

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