Danielle West- All Change Please


All Change Please follows Ophelia, Kat, and Elise, Londoners in their late twenties, after the sudden death of their friend Laura. Her death serves as the catalyst that these three women need in order to reevaluate their lives.

Ophelia describes life as “A constant and unbiased force that carried on like a powerful locomotive running to its own universal timeline.” In fact Ophelia, Kat, and Elise are all on the verge of a quarter life crisis.

Ophelia is missing passion from her life- her job is blasé, her love life is non-existent. Kat is stuck in a dysfunctional marriage, partly due to the fact that her in-laws are horrid and her husband doesn’t stick up for her. Elise is a struggling artist who happens to be the black sheep in her family.

There are many humorously dark sections in this novel. For example, Elise attempts to encourage her flat mate to find a part-time job in order to give him something to write about. James responds with, “So I get a Mcjob and then spit out WutheringHeights? Hmmm, I’m just not seeing it.”

In addition, there are numerous tender moments between the three friends. At one point, Elise says to Kat, “This is one of thousands of decisions you make in your life. It won’t define you and this will eventually fade into your past. They don’t know you and have no right to judge you. Keep your head high.”

This novel really speaks to adults in their twenties and thirties who are struggling to break the monotony of their nine-to-five lives. Ophelia says it best, “Just as school felt like a purgatory where they busied themselves colouring, reading, revising, and testing, her career was more of the same. It was never meant to be her holy grail of purpose or source of happiness. It was one aspect of her life…”

As an FYI: after reading the first chapter, which ended mid-sentence, I thought the e-book hadn’t downloaded correctly, therefore I checked Amazon and “Clicked to Look Inside,” and realized it had downloaded correctly. After reading chapter two, I realized that Ophelia, one of the main characters, had been dreaming during the first chapter.

* I reviewed this book for Book Hub Inc.,an independent book and ebook publishing, marketing, and distribution company. If you’re interested in reviewing books (and in exchange receiving the free ebook):  http://bookhubinc.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/looking-for-book-reviewers/

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