Week 3- What Caught My Senses This Week


1. My New House!!!!!


This weekend my husband and I are moving from a townhouse in Manassas, VA to a home in Warrenton, VA. No, it’s not snowing today in VA- this is a picture taken a few months ago 😉

2. Christian Mihai- Is writing a profession or a religion?  http://cristianmihai.net/2013/04/22/profession-or-religion/#more-2944

“We give the world everything we have, everything we are, and it might happen that the world will never give us anything in return.”

3. Monica at Impressions of a Princess- Unique bookshelves:


4. Coffee mugs that change color: http://laughingsquid.com/onoff-and-monday-coffee-mugs-change-color-when-a-hot-beverage-is-added/

5. On May 4, author Katherine Gotthardt will be signing books at Prospero Books in OldTown, Manassas, VA:   http://www.prosperosbooksva.com/

6. Check out Angie’s Luv Saving Money Blog: http://angiewith2.blogspot.com/

7. Nathan Bransford- In Order to Write, Writers Have to Live


8. Andrew Toynbee- Faith in the 99¢ E-book:


9. Book Hub- Free E-book for a book review-


10. Chuck Wendig- Ass In Chair-  http://terribleminds.com/ramble/2013/04/23/the-admonition-of-ass-in-chair-or-how-writing-is-actually-work/

11. Mary Robinette Kowal- Writing is No Longer a Hobby


12. Fiction Favorites- Free E-Book! http://johnwhowell.com/2013/04/26/beginning-of-a-hero-for-free/

13. Leila Gaskin- Say Something Nice- http://writeami.wordpress.com/

Don’t put your dirty psychological underwear out on the web, because it will be there for the entire existence of the internet. Ha!


  1. Melodime- Check out my favorite VA rock band. New Album Coming Soon!   http://melodime.com/about/


* One of my fave Melodime songs – “Our Time” – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5itYaShyEUI

2. Pandora- Music to Study By- http://www.pandora.com/station/112683359071


1. As pretty as spring is, it’s quite stinky. Not so pleasant smells include: mulch, cherry blossoms,    and for me breathing outdoors in general because I’m allergic to everything green. But that doesn’t stop me!



1. Chocolate Chip Ice cream sandwiches from Coldstone Creamery


TOUCH: I have to work on this one!!!

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