Adele Griffin- All You Never Wanted


“I’d take all those beautiful things in Alexandra. Her dreaminess, her eyes. Then I’d add your fun. Between the two of you is the perfect Parrott. And you know what? I’d marry that girl.” –Alex’s boyfriend Joshua to Thea

Alex and Thea Parrott are sisters who love each other deeply despite their differences. Alex is older, prettier, and more popular. Thea is younger, funnier, and more intelligent. Both however, were happier before their mother married a ridiculously rich man. Before he entered their lives, they were content with each other and their mother’s undivided attention. I can relate to their situation (although my mother did not marry a rich man) because there was a time after my parents separated that it was just the three of us- my mom, brother, and me. To this day my mother calls us “The Three Musketeers.”

Both girls start to unravel like a poorly knitted scarf. After a humiliating internship, Alex can barely eat let alone leave the house. She withdraws from her boyfriend Joshua, her girlfriends, and Thea.

Thea tries to overcompensate for her sister’s disappearing act by flirting with Joshua, talking to Alex’s friends, and sitting with the popular girls in school. Thea believes that the only way they’ll accept her is if she entertains them with fabricated stories. She lies so much that she doesn’t even know the truth anymore.

At the end of All You Never Wanted, one Parrott sister will rise and the other will fall.   

This is a captivating story about betrayal- it demonstrates how betraying yourself is just as detrimental as betraying others.


2 thoughts on “Adele Griffin- All You Never Wanted

  1. Thanks for letting me camp out in your blog for a little while today. I had a great time and tried to leave my campsite as good as when I arrived. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks!

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