Blog Highlight: Peeps I find Interesting

I had to reblog Ionia Martin’s shout out to me 😉

readful things blog

Ahh Sunday. Sunday is WordPress cruising day for me when I go read everyone else’s stuff that I may have missed for the week and find new and interesting things to chat with people about. I thought I would highlight a blog that I began following a while back and I don’t feel gets nearly enough props.

This blog is operated by Kristy  F Gillespie and is called Keep Calm and Write. Kristy is a thoughtful book reviewer, an interesting person to chat with and just an all around nice person. If you haven’t visited her blog yet and gotten a sense of her writing style, you are missing out.

So please, when you have a free moment, go check out her blog and see what I mean. She does a lot of things on her blog, including letting us all know what captivated her senses for the week. I…

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