Gary Caruso- Our Souls to Keep


Seventeen-year-old Wake’s life is in turmoil. His father is abusive, his mother is an addict, and his younger brother looks to him for guidance. Wake finds his strength through faith in the Catholic Church. However, after his mother commits suicide, Wake is visited by a demon who offers him an impossible choice; he can save his mother’s soul from the tortures of Hell if he offers his soul to Satan. Acting as a loving but foolish son, he accepts the demon’s offer. For years he works as an emotionless soul collector until his human emotions seep back slowly. When he meets Annemarie,a pregnant girl Satan has a hit on, he realizes he’s in love. Wake’s job is to convince Annemarie to commit suicide, because Satan is convinced her unborn child’s soul is a powerful commodity. If Wake doesn’t convince Annemarie to take her own life, then his mother’s soul will fall to the depths of Hell. As unlikeable as Wake’s character may seem, I found myself rooting for him. “Our Souls to Keep” is one captivating read!

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His short story “The Promised Land,” a prequel to “Our Souls to Keep” will be available tomorrow  for FREE through Amazon!

“Our Souls to Keep” is available through Amazon now!

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