A to Z Stories of Life and Death- D. Biswas


“I wonder sometimes if I’m as dirty on the inside as I feel on the outside. But the X-ray shows I’m merely broken.”- from X for X-Ray.

Twenty-six bite size stories comprise A to Z Stories of Life and Death by D. Biswas. In just a few paragraphs, Biswas manages to tell a complete, captivating story. Some of my favorites are:

J for Jasoda’s Chilren – A woman’s life is not her own. “Had she known it was this easy, she would have embraced prison long ago.”

L for Life– A man tries to give up smoking in the midst of a crisis. “A non-smoking zone with people clustered around him, that’s what he needed.”

N for Nothing– A tragedy tears a couple apart. “Sleep came to them at different times, usually near dawn, and brought them separate nightmares.”

Check out what else D. Biswas is up to:




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