Katherine Gotthardt- Weaker Than Water


Poetry resonated more with me during high school and college. In fact, Weaker Than Water, a poetry collection by Katherine Gotthardt, is probably the first poetry that I’ve really connected with since I completed graduate school (and that was years ago). From Gotthardt’s first poem, I was hooked! Here are a few of my favorite lines:

“My God rides the Metro, but no one ever looks up.” – My God Rides the Metro

“Sing what is, what was, what isn’t.” – Cure

“Go peaceful little girl, into ocean again.” –For Alexis

And these are just a few amazing lines. Most of Gotthardt’s poems are simple, yet captivating. Several are made up of a single stanza and yet they pack a punch. And they seem to flow effortlessly.

To check out what else Katherine Gotthardt is up to, check out her site:



One thought on “Katherine Gotthardt- Weaker Than Water

  1. Kristy, thank you so much for your purchase and review! I enjoyed collecting these poems, which were written over a period of several years. It wasn’t until recently I discovered I had enough to publish this second book of poetry. Much appreciation!

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