Jason Vale- Kick the Drink…Easily!


I’d recommend “Kicking the Drink…Easily!” by Jason Vale to anyone who’d like to either cut back on their alcohol consumption or cut it out of their life altogether.

Vale makes many valid points such as: “Alcohol is the only drug in the world where when you stop taking it, you are seen as having a problem.” This statement is so true! When people stop smoking, they’re often congratulated, but when people stop drinking alcohol, they’re often scrutinized.

Vale points out that our society promotes drinking at nearly every celebration. Let’s drink to so and so’s promotion, birthday, wedding, graduation, christening, team making it to the Super Bowl etc. Consider how many alcohol related commercials ran during the Super Bowl; and the ads are always glamorous.

But is drinking alcohol in fact, glamorous? According to the CDC, 80,000 people in the US die each year from excessive alcohol use. According to Vale, 40,000 people in England die per year from alcohol related deaths. Not to mention all the short and long term side effects. (Inebriation= to exhilarate, stupefy)

Are you hooked on alcohol? “If the thought of never doing “IT” again fills you with fear, you are hooked; if it doesn’t, you aren’t.” I used to think that I was hooked on sugar, but after a few months with limited amounts of it, I realized I didn’t even really like it that much. The only food/drink that I’m hooked on is coffee.

“When you give up drinking alcohol, you give up nothing.” It’s something to think about…


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