Amanda Hocking- Ascend


           Ascend is the third novel in Amanda Hocking’s Trylle series and it was just as un-put- downable as Switched and Torn.

Wendy Everly is an eighteen-year-old princess; married to a man she doesn’t love, loving a man she can’t have, and falling in love with a man from the enemy tribe. To make matter’s worse, her mother is the dying queen, her father is an evil king, and her kingdom is in danger of being overthrown. In order to save her kingdom, Wendy may have to sacrifice her life.

One of my favorite authors is V.C. Andrews (author of Flowers in the Attic) and in a way, the Trylle series reminds me of a YA/Fantasy version of Andrew’s novels. Both involve dysfunctional, wealthy families, complex love triangles, compelling story lines, powerful female characters, and a plethora of twists and turns.

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