76 of My Favorite Authors


As much as I love the idea of the Thank A Writer Project, I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to chose five of my favorite authors to thank- how can I choose?!

Here are 75 of my favorite authors (in no particular order):

  1. Gillian Flynn- Gone Girl, Sharp Objects
  2. Suzanne Collins- The Hunger Games series
  3. Stephen King- Misery
  4. James Patterson- the Alex Cross series
  5. Khaled Hosseini- The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Sons
  6. Margaret Atwood- The Handmaid’s Tale
  7. Barbara Kingsolver- The Poisonwood Bible, Pigs in Heaven
  8. Jodi Picoult- My Sister’s Keeper
  9. J.K. Rowling- The Casual Vacancy
  10. Veronica Roth- Divergent
  11. David Sedaris- Me Talk Pretty One Day
  12. Harper Lee- To Kill a Mockingbird
  13. Sylvia Plath- The Bell Jar
  14. Lois Lowery- The Giver series
  15. Lauren Oliver- Before I Fall, Delirium series
  16. EmilyBronte-WutheringHeights
  17. J.D. Salinger- The Catcher in the Rye
  18. Augusten Burroughs- Running with Scissors
  19. John Grisham- The Firm
  20. L.M. Montgomery- Anne of Green Gables series
  21. Amy Tan- The Joy Luck Club
  22. F. Scott Fitzgerald- The Great Gatsby
  23. Edgar Allen Poe- All short stories
  24. Charles Dickens- Great Expectations
  25.  Alice Hoffman- The Ice Queen
  26. Kathryn Stockett- The Help
  27. Audrey Niffenegger- The Time Traveler’s Wife
  28. Anne Rice- Interview with the Vampire
  29. Thomas Hardy- Tess of the d’Ubervilles
  30. Frank McCourt- Angela’s Ashes
  31. Malcom Gladwell- Blink, Outliers
  32. Sara Gruen- Water For Elephants
  33. Alice Sebold- The Lovely Bones
  34. Jay Asher- Thirteen Reasons Why
  35. Helen Fielding- Bridget Jone’s Diary 1 & 2
  36. Frances Hodgson Burnett- The SecretGarden
  37. V.C. Andrews- Heaven series
  38. Philippa Gregory- The Other Boleyn Girl
  39. Nathanial Hawthorne- The Scarlet Letter
  40. Hillary Jordan- When She Woke
  41. William Golding- Lord of the Flies
  42. John Knowles- A Separate Peace
  43. Allie Condie- Matched
  44. Margaret Mitchell- Gone with the Wind
  45. Maeve Binchy- Tara Road
  46. John Corey Whaley- Where Things Come Back
  47. Michelle Young-Stone- The Handbook for Lightening Strike Survivors
  48. R.L. Stine- all the Fear Street books
  49. Christopher Pike- The Midnight Club
  50. Carl Hiaasen- Nature Girl
  51. Janet Fitch- White Oleander
  52. Joanne Greensberg- I Never Promised You a Rose Garden
  53. Susanna Kaysen- Girl, Interrupted
  54. A.G. Howard- Splintered
  55. Elizabeth Gilbert- Eat, Pray, Love
  56. Mary Higgins Clark- No Place Like Home
  57. Ellen Crosby- Wine Country Mysteries
  58. Arthur Golden- Memoirs of a Geisha
  59. RichardRusso-EmpireFalls
  60. Jerry Spinelli- Star Girl
  61. Fyodor Dostoyevsky- Crime and Punishment
  62. William Faulkner- As I Lay Dying
  63. Jon Krakauer- Under the Banner of Heaven
  64. Barbara Ehrenreich- Nickel and Dimed
  65. E.B. White- Charlotte’s Web
  66. Vladimir Nabokov- Lolita
  67. Ned Vizzini- It’s Kind of a Funny Story
  68. Juliana Baggott- Pure
  69. Ruta Sepetys- Between Shades of Gray
  70. Francesca Lea Block- Wasteland
  71. Alex Flinn- Beastly
  72. Ann M. Martin- The Babysitter’s Club series
  73. Colleen McCullough- The Thorn Birds
  74. Jeannette Walls- The GlassCastle
  75. Moira Young- Blood Red Road
  76. Amanda Hocking- Switched series

Who’s your favorite author? Here’s a link to find out what your favorite author says about you: (there are only 11 listed, so you’ll have to choose the closest one if yours isn’t listed. Mine is a tie between Fitzgerald and Poe. I definitely fit more with the Poe description!



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