Make History

ImageI just read “You’ve Got to Sell Your Heart,” a fabulous post by Christian Mihai. Mihai mentions a letter written in 1938 to Frances Turnbull by F. Scott Fitzgerald. At the time, aspiring writer Turnbull sent a short story to family friend and prolific author, Fitzgerald. His response to her story was candid: “I’m afraid the price for doing professional work is a good deal higher than you are prepared to pay at present.” Essentially, he encouraged Turnbull to move past the superficial bullshit she had written and delve into the dark recesses of her heart and mind; that was the key to creative success.

Therefore, don’t hold back. Don’t edit the heart out of your story. Dare to pick at the scabs covering pieces of your heart. Put yourself out there even if it makes you uncomfortable- especially when it makes you feel uncomfortable. Dare to be different. Dare to speak your mind. Dare to be controversial. Push the envelope. Don’t be boring.

Pulitzer- Prize- winning Professor Laurel Thatcher Ulrich says it best: “Well-behaved women seldom make history…”  (I’d like to add “and men” to that quote).

Check out Mihai’s post here:

To check out Fitzgerald’s book on writing:


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