Pure – Julianna Baggott


Imagine receiving a message from the chosen ones; the people who were saved from the horrors of an apocalypse:

“We know you are here, our brothers and sisters. We will, one day, emerge from the Dome to join you in peace. For now, we watch from afar, benevolently.”

Imagine waiting for their help, year after year, and receiving- nothing.

In Julianna Baggott’s dystopian novel, Pure, fifteen-year-old Pressia is one of the survivors of the apocalypse. During the detonation, Pressia’s hand was fused with a doll head, her parents died, and a fan lodged in her grandfather’s throat. In fact, everyone outside of the Dome have deformities; some are fused with animals, others fused with people, and others with sections of the Earth. Pressia and her grandfather live in abject poverty in a dilapidated barber shop. In two weeks, Pressia will either have to hide for the rest of her life from the OSR patrols or turn herself in because at age sixteen, all people must join. Pressia is inevitably forced out of her home and into the surrounding wastelands, where she meets a Pure named Partridge. Pures are the chosen ones, the ones who reside in the Dome.; the ones who have no deformities whatsoever. Patridge’s father is a very cruel and very important figure and his son is the first person to ever escape the Dome. Partridge realizes that the Dome is anything but a utopian society.

Pressia, Partridge, and Pressia’s friend Bradwell, the boy with birds fused to his back, embark on a journey across the wastelands for various reasons. Partridge yearns to find his mother, who may or may not be alive, Pressia fights to save her grandfather’s life, Bradwell craves the truth, and all of them fight for freedom.

Pure is bizarre and freakish, but the more I read, the more I could look past the fact that Pressia has a doll head in place of her hand and focus more on the fact of how badass she is! This novel is fresh and captivating – I highly recommend it!


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