So B. It by Sarah Weeks


I hadn’t planned on reading So B. It by Sarah Weeks in its entirety on Wednesday evening but it was such a quick, fun read that I couldn’t put it down. In fact, I was drawn in by the first sentence: “If truth was a crayon and it was up to me to put a wrapper around it and name its color, I know just what I would call it –dinosaur skin.

Twelve-year-old Heidi isn’t sure what her last name is, when her birthday is, or if she has any family besides her mentally disabled mother, So B. It. They live in Reno, Nevada, next door to Bernadette, a wonderful woman who takes care of them as much as they care for her. Bernie suffers from what Heidi calls A.P. (agoraphobia- the fear of leaving a safe place, such as a house). Heidi loves her mother and Bernie, and the safety of their apartments, but she yearns to find out more about herself and about the world outside of Reno.

So B. It only knows 23 words and one of them is a made up word called “soof.” Heidi desperately wants to figure out what soof means because she thinks it will help tell the story of their past. When Heidi finds an old roll of film, she discovers that her mother once lived in a place in Liberty, New York called “Hilltop Home.” Heidi decides to board a bus to Liberty to find out about her past. What she doesn’t know is that this trip will change the course of her future.


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