Strings Attached by Judy Blundell

Strings Attached

Judy Blundell’s YA novel, Strings Attached, is set in New York City, 1950. Seventeen-year-old Kit Corrigan has left her home in Providence, Rhode Island; her brother Jamie, her sister Muddie, (they’re triplets) her father, and her aunt, to fulfill her dream of Broadway stardom. In fact, she scored a part as a chorus girl in a Broadway show but it’s temporary. She’s broke, paying rent to crash on someone’s couch, homesick, and haunted by the memory of her ex-boyfriend Billy. (Billy and her brother Jamie have recently enlisted in the military). Kit needs help and Billy’s father, Nate Benedict, comes through. He offers her a rent free apartment and introduces her to the owner of the Lido nightclub, where she readily accepts a position as a chorus girl. In return, Nate asks Kit to contact his estranged son; hoping that Kit will help repair their relationship. He also asks Kit to spy on certain people and report back to him. Nate is an attorney but he’s also wrapped up with the mob. Kit learns that her family and the Benedict family’s murky relationship is filled with lies and deceit.

Strings Attached immediately pulls the reader into the fascinating world of New York City, 1950, using Kit’s unique, matter-of-fact voice. “A steak on a big white plate would be grand, even if I had to make conversation for an hour or so. If I could get down a couple of bites, it would be worth it.”

I highly recommend this book!


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