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* A few of the Sarcastic Broads: Leila, Beth, Me, Kristi*

On Saturday I met with my fabulous Richmond writing group. We call ourselves “the Sarcastic Broads.” (We started a blog in 2010 but haven’t written a post since June 6, 2006! We’re going to re-launch shortly).

First, we ate goodies and caught up on gossip. Second, we discussed our latest TV, movie, and book obsessions. And then we discussed writing. Kristi asked each of us about our 2013 writing goals. We talked a bit about self-publishing and serial novels.

Leila read a quote by producer Guillermo del Torro: “A ghost is an emotion, bent out of shape, condemned to repeat itself, time and time again, until it rights the wrong it was done.” She suggested that each of us write a story off this quote which I think is brilliant! I’ve had numerous ideas including- a depressed school counselor/ wannabe writer who dies the day she retires. She won’t rest until her daughter finds a publisher for her book. Or a 1920s flapper girl wrecked with anxiety whose desire to perfect the life she left behind outweighs an afterlife. But I think the story I’d most like to tell is the story about the ghosts that haunt my parent’s home. Because, like Mark Twain said, sometimes “truth is stranger than fiction.” I’m so excited to write it that I turned off “Love It or List It” on HGTV. I realized that I had a bit of a TV addiction when Shawna sent me a link- 10 Books you should read instead of watching “Buckwild.” Yep, I watch that, too.



2 thoughts on “Writing Group

  1. It was a great time – we waited too long! Your family’s ghosts seems to me the runaway favorite idea, crossing my fingers you’ll go with that one. I had an odd idea plop in the middle of the quote, which has nothing to do with nothing but I’ll worry about that later …

    Thank you for being such a charming and TALENTED friend and comrade in pens.

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