I Want to Write a Haiku for You

i-want-to-draw-a-cat-for-youMy family and I spent a huge chunk of the weekend watching “Shark Tank” episodes. On one episode, a man named Steve Gadlin accepted Mark Cuban’s offer of $25,000/ 33% share of Steve’s company “I Want to Draw a Cat for You.” My family and I thought this was a silly but brilliant idea because it hasn’t been done before and it would make a great gag gift.

Steve’s business is simple:

1. Visit his site: http://iwanttodrawacatforyou.com/

2. Customize your cat drawing (For example- Cat at the beach pointing to the ocean (where a cat is drowning) and yelling for a cat lifeguard. The lifeguard cat is sitting in his chair looking bored and eating Cheetos.) This drawing is for my mom and I know she’ll laugh and instantly get the reference.

3. Enter your shipping/ billing info & buy

In 3-5 weeks my mom will have a custom cat drawing

If only I would have thought of this idea first! But then again, I can’t draw worth beans and “I Want to Write a Haiku for You” just doesn’t have the same appeal. I’m sure my mom will prefer the cat drawing to my sucky cat haiku:

A cat is drowning

I should leap off this beach chair

Cheetos are tasty


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