encouragement002I love when I run across something that encourages my writing when every cell in my body doesn’t want to. I was planning on being lazy tonight (even though I really have to finish an outline for my next novel) when I read “What Bestsellers Do Differently Than Everyone Else” on the Writers Digest website. The writer of this list, Brian Klems, mentions the following four things:

1. They Are Intent On Seeing The World- meaning they notice things that others don’t. I need to work on this one. I’m not a stop to smell the roses kind of person.

2. They Know How To Beat Resistance- meaning the voice inside your head that makes up excuses why you don’t need to write. I feel that way now. After working and exercising, I’m ready to bum around. Both my mind and body are tired but I have to push past the tired.

3.They Have a Bizarre Capacity For Punishment- meaning writing is hard. It’s difficult and lonely sitting for hours in a room by yourself with only your computer for company. To tell your friends “no” when they ask if you’d like to go wine tasting on a beautiful Saturday. To force yourself to type after a long day at work when the TV, Facebook, YouTube, your spouse, your pet, etc. is calling your name. (In fact, my dachshund keeps trying to knock the throw pillow I’m using to balance my laptop on as I type).

4. They Do Not Understand the Word “No” – meaning no matter how badly you want to (and most writers want to at some point) you press on. I tell myself that the only way I’ll have regrets about my writing is if I don’t write.


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